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Unlock Your Connection to the Divine within and Access Your Own, Unique Psychic Abilities

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About Course

It is time for you to begin your journey of receiving and applying intuitive guidance in your life. That guidance will apply to all areas of your life by helping you move forward with more clarity, peace, understanding and mostly with inner peace. Everyone is connected to the Divine and has their own unique psychic abilities. Each person’s abilities are unique; it takes time and practice. There are no shortcuts.

What Will You Learn?

  • This course offers a transformative journey towards unlocking your psychic abilities and embracing your true self. Through this experience, you will gain a deep connection with your intuition and learn how to use it for intuitive readings.
  • The course covers various topics such as setting up your zen space, meditation, energy and vibration, understanding the layers of your being, and exploring clairs and auras. You will gain insights on balancing your inner layers to help you tune into your higher self and distinguish between wishful thinking and intuition.
  • As you embark on this spiritual and emotional awakening journey, patience and practice are required. You will find empowerment and a better understanding of your surroundings by exploring the many layers of yourself. The experience is truly life-changing.
  • By the end of the course, you will have gained the skills and knowledge needed to unlock your psychic abilities and connect with your inner guidance, which will help you make better decisions and live a more fulfilling life. So, are you ready to take the first step toward your transformation?

Course Content

It is time to begin your journey of receiving and applying intuitive guidance in your life. Unlocking your connection is getting in touch with yourself, your Guides, Angels and Divine. Open to everyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of themselves. As you learn to understand that you are more beside your physical appearance, your connection will grow stronger. You will reconnect with your Guides and sharpen your intuition, as well as have an understanding of messages you receive daily. Your guides are your own "ninjas"/ family that love you unconditionally and are here to help, guide you and encourage you to discover your inner knowledge. By building a stronger connection with them, you build a stronger connection to yourself and the Divine. You will become more open to higher realms, learn how to vibrate higher and receive clarity. This course will help you understand many levels of you and teach you how to read energy, see auras, meditate, tune into your Guides, and so much more.

  • SOO here we Meet….
  • Welcome to the Course
  • Handbook to Working with Your Gifts by Dorota Clifford

Principles to Follow

Creating Your Zen Space
Everyone needs their own space. Don't you agree? Well, as you get closer to your true self, the need for space to "hang out" with you and your spirit guides is important. Making a space that makes you feel cozy, comfortable, and just your own will be the key.

Zen time easy way to meditate
Meditation is key. Hmmm, How is it a key? By calming your mind, you clear out and open up to receive messages. As you get messages daily, the clutter in your mind makes it harder to see which way to go and how to do it. At times it makes you feel stuck and unable to make a move.

You’re An Onion: Layers of Self Acknowledgement
Not that you make people cry, but you are made of many wonderful layers. Yes, you are. Besides the body, there is a Spirit, Soul, Higher-self, Ego, Energy, Vibration... Do you get the picture? Understanding that each layer is important and they all need to be in balance, you know, hanging out in peace. It is what brings that magical connection to yourself.

Have You Been Listening?
Hey {{ first_name or 'there' }}, How is it going so far? Have you been hearing your thoughts more clearly yet? Do not stress we are just getting started. Have you joined the closed FB Group yet? You should. Join the group here. Much Love Dorota "You are the Light..." Website: FB:

Booooo Ghosts ….. and Sparkling Angels
You are being guided. It is nice to know by whom and Spirit, Angel, Ancestor and BOO, the "Ghost." You will know the difference and how each one works and communicates with you.

Just like any Knight You will need Your “Armour” of Protection
Yes, Protection is important, and it's so easy to do. You will be given tools and a little "hack" on how to protect your energy, space, and yourself when working with Spirit and for daily life.

Energy & Vibration
You are made out of many layers, and to fully understand how much energy and vibration do for you every day is important. You will come to understand how to work with energy and vibration to achieve your goals and know what is right for you and what is not. The best part... Spirit and Divine communicate with you using both.


Aura, the beautiful energy field surrounding everything. Making it glow. You will be able to see Auras and know what each colour means. Clairs are wonderful. I call sub gifts as Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudient, to name a few.... and you will find out what Clair you work with now and learn how to intune to others, including channelling.

Colours that surround you?

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