Dorota Medium

Align with your True Self.

Unleashing your Essence.

With Dorota’s guidance, you’ll tap into your essence’s depths, discovering your incredible potential. You’ll uncover your unique strengths, passions, and purpose, creating a roadmap to your desired life. 

In this immersive journey, you will embark on a profound exploration of self, understanding and strengthening your intuition like never before. Dive deep into the realms of energy and vibration as you learn to read the subtle messages that surround you every day.

🗝️ Through personalized strategies and empowering techniques, Dorota will help you overcome obstacles, break free from self-limiting beliefs, and create a mindset that propels you toward success. Her unwavering support and dedication will keep you motivated throughout the journey.






It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you, my friends. Those doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs holding you back are about to be shattered!

💥 With Dorotas Unleash Your Essence personalized coaching, you’ll discover the incredible power within you to unlock your true potential.

With her warm and friendly approach, Dorotas creates a safe space to explore your deepest desires and overcome any obstacles standing in your way. She’s dedicated to empowering you with the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts you need to thrive in all aspects of life

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Unleash your essence, gain clarity and direction, and live the life you want.

Enhance your business, deepen your self-understanding, or live a life aligned with your true desires; our monthly mentorship packages are tailored to meet your needs.

Why Choose Dorota’s Mentorship?

Unlock Your Essence: Discover the true essence of who you are and tap into your unique strengths and talents. With Dorota’s warm and trusting guidance, you will uncover your true potential and be empowered to live a purposeful, fulfilling life.

Strengthen Your Intuition: Your intuition is a powerful guide for making the right decisions in your personal and professional life. Dorota’s personalized mentoring sessions will help you harness this inner wisdom, enabling you to trust your instincts and make confident, life-affirming choices.

Flexible Monthly Packages: Our mentorship program offers flexible monthly packages, allowing you to embark on your transformative journey at a pace that suits your lifestyle. With ongoing support and encouragement, you’ll experience consistent growth and progress in all areas of your life.

Convenient Online Sessions: Experience the convenience of online mentoring sessions, bringing Dorota’s wisdom and expertise directly to you, no matter where you are. Break through barriers, gain clarity, and receive guidance right from the comfort of your home.

Exclusive Access to Dorota: Your mentorship extends beyond scheduled sessions. As a valued mentee, you’ll have exclusive access to Dorota outside your regular sessions. Need a quick word of advice or encouragement?

Text Dorota on our dedicated coaching platform, and she’ll be there to support you.

Take the first step towards living a life aligned with your true potential. Join Dorota’s Mentorship today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and success. Unleash your essence, strengthen your intuition, and unlock the doors to a fulfilling life. Are you ready to embrace your true self?

Ready to tune in to your Spiritual abilities?

Atune with your Psychic Abilities - Private sessions

Unveil the secrets of spirit guides and learn how they communicate with you, offering guidance and support along your spiritual path. Master the art of channelling energy, accessing a boundless source of divine wisdom and healing.

Discover the unique strength of your Clairs, unlocking the channel that resonates most powerfully with you. Whether it’s clairvoyance, clairaudience, or any other, we’ll guide you to harness and develop your innate abilities.

Create a life you want to live

Aline with your true desires.

Whether you want to enhance your business, deepen your self-understanding, improve your relationships, or bring more joy, it all starts with aligning with your true essence.

Are you seeking clarity, direction, and a deeper connection with yourself?

 Rev. Dorota Clifford, an internationally renowned Psychic Medium, Metaphysical Minister, Energy Worker, Healer, and Spiritual Mentor, is here to guide you on an incredible journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Whether you’re longing for personal insights, seeking guidance in your life’s path, or aiming to foster a stronger spiritual connection, Rev. Dorota Clifford offers private sessions to inspire and enlighten you. Her unique approach combines spiritual wisdom, intuitive gifts, and healing energies to help you better understand your life’s purpose and direction.

Rev. Dorota Clifford’s expertise extends beyond individual sessions; she conducts engaging group readings and hosts transformative corporate events. Imagine the impact of having her share her profound insights and spiritual guidance with your team or group, fostering unity, inspiration, and a more profound sense of purpose.




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